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5 Best Wall Planter Inspiration

One of the most important thing to make your home peaceful and comfort is to add houseplants. However, what we need is not only calm and relaxation but also a beautiful house.

That is why installing wall planter for both outdoor or indoor is a good idea to realize. This article will discuss some best wall planter inspiration which is possible for you to apply at your home.

The Idea of Wall Planter

picture 0 wall planter

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Wall planter is any that we can install on the wall that is common in a vertical formation. So, there is no limit about what type of medium which can be used as wall planter as long as we can hang it on the wall.

Of course, we should think about the harmony between the plant that we want to keep and the wall planter that we use. Wall planter is a little bit different from the other planter such us ground planter.

When using wall planter, we usually put small plants species on it such as fern, orchid, baby’s tears, cacti, air plants, spider plants, etc.

We can put those kinds of plants in a beautiful combination of arrangement in a group of species. So the purpose of planting is not only to make our home looks green but also to make our house looks more aesthetic with a natural touch.

For the detail information and the example of wall planter idea, you can read on each sub-topic of the discussion below.

Outdoor Wall Planter

One types of wall planter are outdoor wall planter, and of course, it is to plant any small home plant species.

We can install outdoor wall planter by adding some mediums; single pot or a group of containers on some spaces of the wall outside our home. For the first discussion, take a look at the picture below.

Picture 1 Outdoor Wall Planter
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On that picture, we can see a combination of different beautiful varieties of plants that are living peacefully on a nice design of wall planter.

If we want to have that kind of wall planter, it means that we should spend more money as that kind of wall planter design is quite expensive with good durable quality. Admittedly, we use that design for permanent purpose as it is unremovable wall planter.

Okay, let’s move to another example below.

Picture 2 Outdoor Wall Planter
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The wall planter in that image is incredible as it does not only have the function as a pot but also has a beautiful shape for decorating the wall.

Different from the unremovable wall planter that we have discussed above, this kind of wall planter is removable; you can easily install it at the wall or remove it if you want to put it at another space. So, the benefit is that it has long durability and also removable wall planter.

Picture 3 Outdoor Wall Planter
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If you like some elegant wall planter, you can try the idea as you can see in the photo above. That is a single iron wall planter with a dark color that is suitable for any kinds of wall color and any kinds of small houseplants.

Picture 4 Outdoor Wall Planter
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The next idea of outdoor wall planter is wooden wall planter as you can see at the image above. The shape and the style are unusual, but unfortunately, you will have difficulty to do maintenance for it.

The benefit is that you do not need to spend much money to make that wall planter as well as you can use recycled wood or any wood with different type and quality.

Indoor Wall Planter

The concept of indoor wall planter is nearly the same with the other wall planter. As long as we can install the wall planter inside our building, thus we have indoor wall planter.

But you need to take more attention in choosing the plants because only some plant species can live with lack source of sunlight.

Here are some ideas of indoor wall planter which perhaps inspires you.

Picture 5 Indoor Wall Planter
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The material of wall planter in that picture is metal. The shape is simple, but it looks elegant as the material color is suitable with the content behind it. Overall, that kind of wall planter is compatible with modern building design.

Picture 6 Indoor Wall Planter
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The next idea of indoor wall planter is using a set of big pot for some spot of your room. If you like the instant process to enjoy your time at your place with natural atmosphere, you should try the installation as you can see at that image.

Picture 7 Indoor Wall Planter
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The photo above gives you one option if you want to create a mini-park inside your building. The wall planter at that image has large size with so many kinds of indoor plants.

Of course, to keep your plant always in good condition is that you need to add some special electrical lighting for that plants to help the photosynthesis.

Picture 8 Indoor Wall Planter
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The image above shows you a set of beautiful and straightforward wall planter which you can put any different kinds of pot shape with various plants on each.

The benefit of using that idea is that you do not need to spend much money to get its beauty.

Picture 9 Indoor Wall Planter
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If you are a kind of simple person who likes to enjoy the beauty of a small thing, then the picture above is an excellent idea for you to have a small indoor plant in a small wall planter.

Event the size is small, but yes, that kind of wall planter gives a profound impact to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Minimalist Wall Planter

What it means by minimalist wall planter in this article is any single and simple wall planter that is easy to install.

The function of minimalist wall planter is more as decoration rather than to create green atmosphere. So, if you love the beauty of houseplant, but you don’t have enough time to do the maintenance, you should try this idea.

Picture 10 Minimalist Wall Planter
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The first option of this idea is choosing a simple wall planter which has a unique shape as you can see at that picture.

You can quickly get it at the store and also easy to install it anywhere on your wall. The benefit of this concept is that you can use it as outdoor or indoor purpose. Let see another idea in the image below.

Picture 11 Minimalist Wall Planter
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A little bit different from the previous idea, in this image you can see a pot with some holes in it. So, you can plant some plants in one medium.

Picture 12 Minimalist Wall Planter
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Another option of installing minimalist wall planter is in some spot which only needs small decoration such the place near your window or your door.

As you can see at the image above, that is a good idea to have a small pot on the wall near your door because it makes your guest fell comfort to wait you open the door.

DIY Wall Planter

Talking about planting and making wall planter, ‘Do It Yourself’ is the most exciting activity to try. Why? Because you can create your own and unique design that you can not find at the store.

Here are some DIY wall planter idea that you can apply at home.

Picture 13 DIY Wall Planter
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At that image, you can see a unique wall planter in the shape of letter K. Of course if you like that idea, you can make your letter which function is for the identity of your home.

So, your friend will quickly find your home if you have some particular characteristic on that such as unique wall planter.

Picture 14 DIY Wall Planter
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This one is so simple and artistic DIY wall planter that you can apply for your project. You can use waste wood material to be the pot or using it as a rack for a plastic cup.

You can install it for indoor or outdoor purpose, and you can also place it at the space near your wooden furniture so you can have a much more natural atmosphere around you.

For more option of wooden DIY wall planter, you can see at the image below.

Picture 15 DIY Wall Planter
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The image shows us another option of DIY wooden wall planter that we can apply at home. This kind of wall planter is not trying to make and also low cost.

Before you put the soil on it, first you must set the plastic pot at the same size or using polybag or plastic as the soil container.

Picture 16 DIY Wall Planter
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The last idea that we want to share about DIY wall planter is to make PVC pipe wall planter that we can install on the wall. First, we need to rive the PVC pipe into two before you clamp it on the wall.

Even the shape is not too attractive, but you will have long wall planter to plant beautiful kinds of flowers or vegetables on it, and of course, you will save more space to plant.

Recycled Wall Planter

You can create some beautiful wall planter by using recycled waste such as a plastic bottle or food can. How can we do that? You can see the example in the images below.

Picture 17 Recycled Wall Planter
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That image shows a beautiful decoration of wall planter which using waste plastic bottle material as an indoor wall planter. It is a good idea to hang that kind of wall planter near the window or the sunlight source.

The most important thing in doing this to make it looks beautiful is that you need to paint some color on it and hang it properly using some materials such as rope or ironware.

Besides of plastic bottle, you can use another waste material that is easy to find as you can see in the image below.

Picture 18 Recycled Wall Planter
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That image should inspire you as we can see that you can create some waste of any kinds of food can to be the wall planter.

What you have to do is just cut them like what you can see at the photo and then install it on the wall. After that, you can fill it with soil and plant any kinds of houseplant on it.

Those are the five best ideas of wall planter which we can share in this article. Hopefully, you can get something that you can apply at home for your wall planter.

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