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4 Fundamental Steps of Making The Nightstand Decoration

Perhaps what we need is only the function of the nightstand, and therefore we avoid the aesthetic value of it. But honestly, do we want our living room looks poor? Of course no! That is why we need to do something.

This article provides some valuable information concerning the ideas in five steps of making the nightstand decoration.

All right, let us start the discussion.

Deciding The Purpose

Deciding the purpose of having nightstand is the fundamental aspect that we have to think first. What is the use or the function of a nightstand in our bedroom? Do we need it?

Nightstand can be a secondary need in the bedroom. But, in some way, it can be the major especially if we care about the aesthetic design of the bedroom.

However, the bedroom is our private cave. Often in our life, we make the important decision, create some ideas, and more things to do in our bedroom in spite of sleeping. So, the aesthetic is some way significant.

image 1

Well, connecting the idea of aesthetic and the purpose of the nightstand, surely we will go to the next step. But before we do that, we have to discuss more deciding the purpose of presenting the nightstand in our bedroom.

image 2

We need to do something before we sleep like reading some books, viewing your Android, or looking again on your laptop screen. Thus, the nightstand will be essential for that.

At least, you need some space or surface near your bed to put your small things such as books, magazine, handphone, laptop, wallet, and so on. Let us call it the primary purpose of having nightstand beside our bed.

image 3

About the model, the size, and the material of it, of course, it depends on how many items we will put on it. Now, let’s move to the other discussion in the explanation below.

Finding The Right Model

What model do we need for our nightstand? How big we need and what is the right material for it? We already discussed a little bit at the previous discussion. Now, see the images as the example below.

image 4

We can start with the simple one. If you look at that example, you can see a small round table with three feet. We can’t put too much thing on it as the surface is enough for two or three items such as alarm clock and lamp table, or alarm clock and a small pot of indoor plant as in the image above.

This kind of small table is right for us if we are the kind of person who likes everything looks clean and tidy. By that small and round nightstand, indeed we do not see a lot of items on the table that probably disturb our mind.

image 5

Different from the previous model, in this picture we can see a larger wooden nightstand with a simple and exotic design that certainly makes us feel comfortable when we look at it.

That table has a universal model with one drawer and also a surface under it. So, even it looks simple, but actually, we can keep a lot of things on it, and even the heavy one as the material is no doubt substantial.

image 6

This nightstand has a luxury and modern design which is suitable if we combine it with another similar type of plan.

The thing that makes that nightstand look wonderful is the type of color. It has a brown and glossy color that attracts our attention. The size is also large enough with two layers of the drawer in which we can keep more things on it.

image 7

The nightstand in the picture has magical looking which makes us curious to touch and feel the surface and to see inside the drawer. The model is rustic with three layers of the drawer and the natural color of the wood.

We might think that there is no need to add some finishing touch to make the surface looks glossy as its beauty lies on the natural sense of it.

image 8

This nightstand is no doubt unusual; it is modern and straightforward, elegant floating bedside table. Of course, what makes it unique is that its appearance is not like a table event the function is ultimately the same.

image 9

If you like a postmodern model of nightstand probably you will interest in the design of it; it is a unique model of floating bedside table. However, this model is, but you will have difficulty if you don’t have an appropriate bedroom design for it.

After talking about the model, we also need to discuss the right color of the nightstand. See the explanation in the next part below.

Choosing The Right Color

In spite of the model, we need to discuss the color to create the right aesthetic for our bedroom. However, color is the fundamental element to create a pleasant atmosphere which is good for our mood.

We can easily find common color such as white, black, brown, and also the natural color of wood for nightstand as we can easier fit that color with other furniture in our bedroom.

But, what if we want another color for our thematic bedroom? Is it possible? Certainly! Let us see the examples below.

image 10

The image shows us a beautiful green nightstand beside the white color bed. The result is still excellent; green color is no doubt beautiful with any other different thematic color of bedroom design.

Nevertheless, it is better for us to have another green color in the bedroom such us wall, carpet, blanket, or other furniture to make the combination between your nightstand with the other thing looks perfect.

image 11

Similar to the previous model, this white and red nightstand is beautiful if you combine with another different thematic color of bedroom design. The event, in contrast, the red color bring a fresh atmosphere to your room.

image 12

This violet color of the nightstand in this image can give you another experience of living. You can make a violet thematic color for your bedroom or not and of course, the result will be different.

You have to believe that the existence of violet nightstand in your room will not give you a feeling of blue as the myth says that violet is the color for lonely female, but this color will provide you with the desire to be more than you are.

Styling The Nightstand

We already discussed the possibilities of the fundamental purpose, the model and also the color variety of nightstand. And in this part, it is the time for us to talk about how to make the nightstand looks stylish.

What does it mean by styling the nightstand? It is just actually as simple as decorating your nightstand by adding some element such as a lamp, books, alarm clock, and so on. But it will not be stylish if you wrong in choosing and putting that element.

The essential key are, first, choosing the appropriate model, number and color of items, and the second is finding the right position to place those items.

See the example and the explanation below.

image 13

In this case, you can style the white nightstand with other colorful items that you can put on it properly. In the picture, for example, the primary color to make it looks stylish is violet as we can see on the items such as flower, book, and vas.

image 14

The picture above is just another variety of styling your nightstand. If you see that example, you must think that the bedside table is for men or man’s taste. You’re right! You can personalize the nightstand by placing some thematic items.

image 15

You can add a unique lamp on your nightstand. The classic model of lighting table on the bedside table in the picture above is the most fundamental element which makes your nightstand looks imaginary to accompany your last time before you sleep.

image 16

The flower is a valuable thing that makes your nightstand becomes the first weapon to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

But whenever you want to make your bedroom looks greenly and has a natural effect, you should try to put some indoor plant on it as you can see in the example below.

image 17

Those all are the four necessary steps that can you apply to decorate your nightstand. Hopefully, all of the information in this article is useful for you.

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