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5 Important Things To Consider in Choosing Living Room Drapes

Choosing living room drapes is not a simple thing to do. You have to select the right choice to make your living room looks great. So, you need to learn these five necessary pieces of information to consider in choosing living room drapes.

Living Room Drapes Function

If you want to choose living room drapes, make sure that the first thing to think is considering the function. Let’s start discussing the role of curtains first before we talk more about it.

There is three main function of drapes that we have to know; blocking the sunlight, creating a private space, and for decoration.

If you need living room drapes for blocking the sunlight and for privacy, make sure that the material of it is thick. But if you need it for decoration, there are a lot of choices, and it depends on your taste but makes sure to consider the material, color, measurement and the style of it.

See the example idea of living room drapes functions in the images below.

image 1

From that image, we can see a nice living room with linen drapes hanging at the drapes rod above the windowsill. The sunlight warmly brightens the room as the linen drapes let it goes inside the room.

The primary function of linen drapes at that image is more to be a beautiful decoration rather than to block the sun or creating privacy. Its appearance creates a romantic atmosphere in that room.

image 2

In that photo, the drapes have at least three functions; for artistic decoration, to block the sunlight, and to create privacy.

It stands for artistic decoration as we can see the harmony between the motive and color of both the wall and the drapes.

image 3

The drapes color and motive at that image is suitable with the color of the wall or any dark color as we can see on it.

But of course, cotton drapes at that picture has the primary function, that is to block the sunlight and to create privacy as the material is thick enough.


In that photo, we can see a set of double drapes, thick and flimsy. The thick part is to block the sunlight and to create privacy.

Whenever we need soft natural light, and fresh air come in our living room without completely losing our privacy, we need to uncover the thick drapes and let the flimsy one at its position.

image 4image 5

The black color polyester drapes in that image seem like giving us total privacy as the characteristic of it are weighty and strong. However, combining that drapes with the color of the furniture makes the room looks elegant.

Living Room Drapes Material

After we discuss the function of living room drapes above, now we go further to understand some materials of curtains. Se the explanation below.

Polyester Drapes

Most of the drapes commonly using polyester material as it is comfortable to maintain, durable, affordable and sturdy. This material is also resist shrinking, stretching, and wrinkling. So, it is a good option for you who are first-timer in choosing drapes.

image 6

image 7

Linen Drapes

Another common material for drapes is linen. This material does not block the sunlight so that you can still get the natural light fill your room. About the appearance, linen has a billowy looking which creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

image 8

Cotton Drapes

Cotton material for drapes is good enough in blocking the sunlight, and this material is also applicable in many types of room whether it is for a formal room or private. The benefit of this material is that it is easy to maintain and also not much costly.

image 9

Silk Drapes

Silk is one of the heavier material for drapes. It does not mean that this material is strong and durable because you need to keep it well especially from the sunlight as it creates damage for silk.

So, silk drapes are good for decoration rather than protecting your room from the sunlight as this material would give you the luxury atmosphere in your room.

image 10

Velvet Drapes

Velvet drapes for the living room are perfect for blocking the sunlight as it is very thick and heavy. Indeed, it provides extra privacy for your room.

image 11

Lace Drapes

Lace drapes are one kind of sheer fabric that is great for decoration. The characteristic of this drapes is that it lets the sunlight and fresh air come in our space. The primary function of it is usually to create some romantic atmosphere in the living room.

image 12

Thermal Drapes

Thermal Drapes is one of heaviest and thick drapes that it is the mixed material of polyester and cotton. It is an excellent drape for blocking sunlight and privacy.

image 13

Blackout Drapes

The material of blackout drapes is an opaque fabric that the characteristic is thick and good for blocking the sunlight. Of course, blackout drapes are an excellent choice for your privacy.

image 14

Living Room Drapes Color

There are so many types of color for drapes and what we have to consider when choosing the right color drapes is to make it appropriate with the room color.

Here is some example of drapes color installation in the living rooms that probably inspires you.

image 15

The lovely red color drapes in that image give a pleasant impression as the last touch for that living room. Other than that, that color can make the place feels more comfortable whether you are alone or with somebody else in that room.

image 16

We get a new impression when seeing the lime drapes color on that image. It means that the drapes color is not only a matter of beauty but also the thing that affects our mood.

If you like a comfortable room with a subjective impression, you can put indoor plants near the window and install the drapes with lime color or something like that for your living room.

image 17

Perhaps it is hard to imagine that blue color is excellent for the white color background on the wall. But through that photo, we can see that the blue drapes are excellent for that room.

image 19

image 18

If the wall in your living room has some decorative motif, or you like to have a colorful atmosphere on your room, perhaps you can try that idea; choosing colorful drapes for your window such as orange drapes color as you can see in that image.

Living Room Drapes Measurement

The thing that you have to remember when choosing living room drapes is the measurement; chose the right size for your living room. See the ideas below.

image 19

The right drapes measurement makes your room looks tidier as you can see at the picture above. On the other hand, If we install longer drapes on that kind of living room, we will get a strange view.

So, if you have a similar living room as you can see at that image, it is a good idea if you apply that idea; installing the right drape size from the top of the window to the floor.

image 20

Small size drapes in that image is the right choice if you have a small living room with a small window. The beautiful impression is not only from the theme color of the drapes and the furniture in the living room but also the drapes size.

image 21

If you have big windows in the right and left of the glass door in your living room, perhaps you need the big size drapes. The photo above gives you an excellent idea of the model and the measurement of curtains for that kind of door and windows.

Living Room Drapes Style

Talking about the drapes style, of course, we have to think about the color, the motif, the measurement, and the material of drapes that we want to choose.

The drapes will have no optimal function if we do not adjust it with the living room we have. Of course, we also have to consider the style of furniture or the whole design for it so our drapes choice can make it perfect.

Here are some example ideas of the drapes style that perhaps inspire you.

image 22

The classic style of that living room in the picture looks perfect with the appearance of linen drapes which allows the sunlight touches some sides of that room. That drapes is ultimately the right style for the proper living room design.

image 23

In that image, we can see two kinds of drapes, the thick blue drapes, and the sheer white drapes. Both of them have their function. But let us talk about the blue one.

Those blue drapes are simple. The central element that has a strong impression is that color. The blue color is entirely compatible with the living room design in with the furniture in the same line color taste.

image 24

The last picture in this article is a lovely living room that we can see a beautiful variation of color. The drapes color choice makes us feel like in the atmosphere of happiness all the time.

Those are the five important things to consider in choosing living room drapes that probably can be an inspiration for you to make your choice.

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