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18 Best Display Coffee Table Ideas

The purpose of the display coffee table is to entertain all member at home and also the guest. It is our private or small gallery at home in which we can share something lovely to see. In other words, this table is another way to beautify our living room.

Aquarium Display Coffee Table

Aquarium display coffee table is probably still not yet familiar for people. Of course, most people think that table is not something for keeping pets, moreover and especially for the aquarium, we can say that it is hard to believe we can make it as a coffee table.

As a matter of fact that to maintain the aquarium display coffee table is not easy, but we will get something different in our living room; the atmosphere that we get from aquarium display coffee table is different from any other various display coffee table.

image 1
via southafricatoday.net

In that image, you can see a simple design of an aquarium display coffee table with some kinds of fish inside. There is no other thing inside such as coral, water plant, or even sands, but we can still enjoy its beauty.

However, the appearance of such rare fish in that aquarium display coffee table becomes one point of interest which we can display in our living room. For sure, the purpose is to entertain ourselves and also our guests.

Image 2
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Another example of an aquarium display coffee table in that picture is lovely and straightforward; it is an ordinary glass table with an aquarium under the top surface. We can separate the table and the aquarium.

So, making this kind of aquarium display coffee table is not difficult, or we can buy both of them separately and make sure that the size matches. See another example below.

Image 3
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The aquarium display coffee table in that picture is lovely; the shape and the style are elegant, and it is a seawater aquarium. So, it has double beauty sources.

Unfortunately, this kind of aquarium display coffee table is not neutral; you need to combine it with the same style furnitures such us the color and also the design.

When you get that, then your living room will have great looking that make you stay longer at your living room.

Image 4
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The square aquarium display coffee table in that picture gives us a small and beautiful view in our living room. There are some kinds of water plants and a few small fish. So, the main focus to display on that aquarium is some varieties of water plants.

We can add some electrical light of course, but make sure that you choose the special light for the aquarium. However, the lighting system in the aquarium is the last touch to make it perfect.

Terrarium Display Coffee Table

Almost similar to the aquarium display coffee table, terrarium display coffee table is just different in content; we can have any soil-plant in a terrarium.

Of course, the maintenance is different, and perhaps we can say that to maintain the terrarium display coffee table is more accessible than an aquarium display coffee table.

What can we plant inside the terrarium display coffee table? We can use indoor plant since we will set it in our living room. Yes, we can use an outdoor plant as long as we will set our display coffee table in outdoor.

For the example ideas and the explanation, you can see the description below.

Image 5
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In that image, we can see a simple example of a terrarium display coffee table which is easy to apply even if we are a beginner. The coffee table works well as a space to display our pot plant where we can replace it anytime we want.

It is excellent for us to use outdoor pot plants since we frequently replace it with the other plants because as we know that the outdoor plant needs sunlight to survive. So, the benefit is that we can have various plants to put inside it.

Image 6
via instructables.com

Different from the first image of the terrarium display coffee table, in this image we can see a permanent display of plants inside. It is stable because we put soil inside it for the living plants.

We can add something to display there so that the terrarium display coffee table looks like a miniature of the jungle or something like that.

Image 7
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Another plant choice to display in terrarium display coffee table is like what we can see in that image. We can have one or two kinds of an indoor plant such as the succulent plant family.

The view, of course, is not on the plant only, but also the composition of soil we use to keep the plant. We can make such an arrangement of different growing media to display at our terrarium display coffee table.

Image 8
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In that picture, we can see another example of design for our terrarium display coffee table; there are some lush mix plants in pots that we can keep in our terrarium table.

Of course, we can have more plant than what we can see in the picture as it is just a matter of interest. You can also add something like miniature or toys for the finishing.

Yes, you can do more than you can see in the example of the image in this article. The next, we will discuss another variety of display coffee table material in the description below.

Resin Display Coffee Table

We can display something permanently in our display coffee table by using resin material. The benefit of this material is that we can keep something we want to show for a long time and the thing that we hold will not be broken or decomposed even if we’re going to keep something from nature.

Of course, it is possible for us to display any flowers, leaves, insect, and so on permanently without losing the original shape.

Here are some ideas and example of resin display coffee table which probably inspire you.

Image 9
via pinterest.com

As you can read at the description above, it is possible for you to eternalize any leaves in resin to display. That display coffee table in the image shows us a piece of a beautiful display of leaves in resin.

We can still enjoy that beauty even the table itself is too simple. If you like that idea, you can make your model of display and your coffee table design for your living room.

Image 10
via primefurniturehouston.com

That image shows us a beautiful wooden display coffee table which we can see a display of wood cut in a nice arrangement. To make it permanent and has beautiful looking then we can eternalize it with resin. So, that display of wood cut will stay forever.

Image 11
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There is another option of material that we can display in our resin display coffee table, that are small sea creature such as starfish, shells, coral, sands and so on. The more variety of sea creature, the more beauty we will have.

So, the simple resin display coffee table as an example in the image above is a good inspiration for us to make more than that.

For the next idea of a display coffee table, we have to see the other thing to display that you can read at the explanation below.

Lego Display Coffee Table

Do you like playing lego? It is fun if we can finish such a complicated lego and when we end that, it will be useless if we do not share with other people. So, in this idea, you can share and display your lego in your display coffee table. Take a look at the example below.

Image 12
via pinterest.com

The lego in that photo is a beautiful lego display coffee table where we can see a display of fantastic lego and a simple, functional and elegant coffee table design.

Indeed, the main focus if we use a simple coffee table is the display lego inside it. So, if the design that you want is lego display coffee table, choose the simple one to make your lego become the center.
Let us see another example below.

Image 13
via geek.com

This image shows us the same idea as we can see at the first image. But in this image, the display is not entirely lego as in the first example; this is a miniature of some area. The concept is similar, but the product is different.

Admittedly, using this kind of concept of display coffee table design, you can display your creative work inside it.

Wine Display Coffee Table

For you who are a wine collector, then you need something in your living room to emphasize your identity. One way you can do is to have a wine display coffee table.

You need a particular coffee table for your exclusive collection. So, the design of the display coffee table is the main point to decide.

This part shows you some ideas and explanations of wine display coffee table which probably inspire you.

Image 14
via pfoinc.com

The wine has a close relationship with wine barrel as it is the standard container for wine fermentation. It is a good idea if we modify it as wine display coffee table as we will have at least two values that are aesthetic and cultural values.

As you can see at that image, the wine barrel display coffee table provides a classic atmosphere at the living room. It seems that the living room has thematic design through the existence of it, moreover if we have any thematic types of furniture in the same theme.

Let us see another example below.

Image 15
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In that picture, we can see another classic style of wine display coffee table that can contain many bottles of wine. The design is simple but timeless and fit to any types of furniture design or living room design.

Admittedly, this idea is a good option if you want to display a lot of bottles of wine for your guests. Your living room instantly will be a minibar for a few guests of yours.

Antique Display Coffee Table

If you like to display your antique collections, you need more than cupboard or home showroom. Antique display coffee table requires your space to show your objects in the center of your living room.

Probably the examples below will be your inspiration to choose from deciding antique display coffee table for your unique collection. See the example below.

Image 16
via vipcoffeetable.com

In that image, you can see a beautiful octagon antique display coffee table for some antique collections. The design is also unique with a touch of Eastern culture that is also perfect to display such an ancient object.

Image 17
via allenforazhouse.com

Different from the previous model, this rectangle display coffee table provides you with enough space to keep more significant object such as guitar or perhaps some big antique things inside it.

The design of that table is also beautiful that gives you rustic touch as the material of it seems like old without any renewal.

Image 18
via dutchcraftesr.com

The last idea example in this article shows you a fine and simple display coffee table which has classic taste to display some objects like an old weapon.

So, if you have some old traditional weapon and you want to display it, you can also use a display coffee table as one option.


Those are the ideas and example of display coffee table that we can share in this article. Hopefully, you can get inspiration from all of the information in this article.

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