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The Color Curtain Ideas for Your Living Room

Make sure that you will not get wrong in choosing color curtain for your living room. Choosing a curtain is perhaps an easy task, but, if you see this case differently, it will be no easy thing to do. So, you need to decide it carefully and to accompany you in finding the right color; this article provides you some ideas.

Red Color Curtain for Your Living Room

The red color will provide you a bright impression to make your living room more attractive. Even this color is identical with anger feeling, but you have to remember also that red color is the color of love and passion.

This color is not difficult for you to combine with any color of wall or furniture in your living room as you can see in the image below.

red curtain color 1

But if you have a white color wall, indeed this color is a good option. But to avoid a dull impression of having red curtain next to the white wall, you must have a different shade of furniture and some additional wall decoration or accessories such as painting.

red curtain color 2

Blue Color Curtain for Your Living Room

The blue color is a symbol of sadness, calm, and loyalty. But is it true that we will get those symbolizes impression if we have a blue curtain in the living room? See the picture below.

blue curtain 1

Through that image, we can see a calm impression in the living room. So, if you like to stay in the living room to read some books or to do some serious work that you need high concentration, this color is the best choice.

blue curtain 2

Yellow Color Curtain for Your Living Room

If you like the happy atmosphere for all the time in your living room, then the yellow color can be the right choice. This color is not only about happiness but also symbolizes hope.

You can combine this color with any other color of furniture in your living room as you can see in the image below.

yellow curtain 1

But if you have a natural view through the window of your living room, the best color for your curtain is of course yellow. You do not need to worry if you have a limited color variety of your furniture as you can mix your color furniture and curtain in your living room.

The result is still that your living room will be a comfortable space for you in gathering with your friends or family as you can see the example in the next image below.

yellow curtain 2

Orange Color Curtain for Your Living Room

Orange is identical with the color of the sun, so if you have an orange color curtain for your living room, you will have an energetic atmosphere especially in the morning time, the cheerful atmosphere at the day time, and romantic atmosphere in the afternoon.

So, this color provides you more than one atmosphere. Another benefit of this color for your living room is that you can easily combine with another different variety of color. See the example below.

orange curtain 1

The picture shows us a beautiful small white living room with an orange curtain. If you have a small living room like this, it is right for you to combine the white color of the wall with an orange curtain. You can also add similar color furniture to your living room and add a small plant for the last touch.

After that, you will have a small but meaningful living room that can you use to enjoy your morning time and start your day with a good mood.

orange curtain 2

In the other case, the orange color curtain is also beautiful for a large living room as you can see at the image above.You can use another different color for the wall such as green or yellow to make your living room more comfortable and lively.

Green Color Curtain for Your Living Room

The green color is the color of life that symbolizes the presence of natural plants in this world. Having green color curtain for your living room is an excellent idea if you are a kind of person who likes to enjoy nature. The green atmosphere of it will be so close to you.

The benefit of this color curtain is that you can easily combine with any other color even black or grey color of the wall. So, this green color will be the one that can neutralize any uncomfortable atmosphere in your living room.

green curtain 1

The green color is also a symbol of healthy. If healthy life is your priority, this color is indeed must be the one that you have. The design in the picture below perhaps is the one that provokes you to have a green color curtain for your living room.

green curtain 2

Black Color Curtain for Your Living Room

The black color curtain is an unusual choice as this color is identical with a scary atmosphere. But in the other word, black color is an intense color for an active person. So you can use this color to state your identity, character, commitment, and even your ideological perception of beauty.

You can easily match this color with the gray color living room which has some black and white color furniture to make the balance as you can see at the image below.

black curtain 1

If you do not like much black solid color for curtain, you can still have a black curtain with some decorative accent on it. So, the scary effect of black color will disappear forever as you can see at the lovely black curtain in the picture below.

black curtain 2

White Color Curtain for Your Living Room

The white color is not a completely neutral color for your living room especially if you decide to have a white color curtain. But it is true that this color has a peaceful atmosphere. This color is best for you if you are a person with keen intuition and commitment.

white curtain 1

Even we can fell the aesthetic pleasure from the total white color living room, but actually, this design is not good enough if you have children as they usually create a mess everywhere, including scribbling at the white surface.

However, the white living room provides a challenge for you to add some artwork such as painting or any other fine at works. The white color curtain, in this case, works as the theatrical screen that allows us to see another different view behind it through the window.

white curtain 2

Purple Color Curtain for Your Living Room

Purple color (including violet) is one types of color that people are rarely using it. It is because this color symbolizes luxury, power, nobility, and ambition.

We can also associate this color with dignity, wisdom, independence, creativity, magic, and mystery. But, seeing this color from an aesthetic perspective, this purple color gives us a different taste of beauty as we can rarely find this color in nature.

What will happen then is we use purple color as the color curtain for our living room? See the example in this image below.

purple curtain 1

The combination of the purple color curtains with grey living room provides us a relaxed atmosphere. We can still fell the mysterious sense of it which leads us to our differing feeling and emotions.

This color is also romantic and mostly gives us good mood as this color easily and strongly increases our sense of creativity. Take a look at the lovely living room in the next image below.

purple curtain 2

Brown Color Curtain for Your Living Room

We can easily find brown color everywhere in nature. We can also see the fact that most cultures in this world use this color as one of their cultural product. We also have this color as a part of our body.

If we relate this color to our sense of home design, this color is close to the excellent impression as we can see at the wooden furniture with brown color. But if we use this color for the color curtain, in fact, we cannot easily combine this color to the other color in the living room.

brown curtain 1

We can find the beauty of brown color curtain if we use it rightly. If not, we will get a dull impression rather than a comfortable atmosphere in the living room. One of the safest way to handle this color curtain if we have the brown thematic design of the living room.

Grey Color Curtain for Your Living Room

Grey color is one favorite color in a modern style of design. This color is neutral and timeless which has the atmosphere of formal and sophisticated. However, this color affects our mind by causing unsettling feeling and emotion.

Fortunately, this color is one of the best colors if we combine with another color as the furniture and accessories in our living room. So having a grey color curtain for the grey wall is a good choice.

grey curtain 1

As grey color is a neutral color, so it will not cause boring in the living room. We can create another different atmosphere by adding some other colors in the living room as you can see at the image below.

grey curtain 2

Gradient Color Curtain for Your Living Room

If you don’t like a solid color curtain, perhaps you have to try this gradient color curtain for your living room. Indeed, you will have a cheerful atmosphere in your living room as you can see in these two images below.

gradien curtain 1

gradien curtain 2

Mix Color Curtain For Your Living Room

Another choice of creating a colorful living room, you can have the mix color curtain as the last touch in designing your living room. Indeed, you will have an atmosphere of warm and comfortable in your lovely living room.

mix color curtain 1

mix color curtain 2

Decorative Color Curtain For Your Living Room

The last choice of curtain color in this discussion is the decorative color curtain. It is an excellent choice to create a beautiful living room which closes to the sense of art. This variation of color might create a unique taste in your living room as you can see at the two images below.

decorative curtain 1

decorative curtain 2

Well, whatever the curtain material you like to choose, make sure that the color is the priority because it is not a matter of aesthetic sense only but also about the case of our psychology.

Hopefully, all of the information we arrange in this article is useful and can be your inspiration to choose the right curtain color for your best living room.

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