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7 Pure Yet Interesting Black and White Bathroom Decor Ideas You Can Try at Home

Black and white bathroom decor is about the choices of color, furniture, and items arrangement in the interior. Besides, you also need to know that the combination of the two colors is something classic yet timeless.

White gives the interior a clean and bright impression. On the other hand, black adds some contrast and bold look in the room.

For you who are trying to decorate your bathroom area, here are seven new yet straightforward black and white bathroom decor ideas to work at home. These ideas will prove you that you can effortlessly prettify the room with the two colors.

Black and White Bathroom with Color Pop

Let’s start the idea with something refreshing. The idea is to add a color pop to your black and white bathroom to create a fun impression in there.

An idea like this is more suitable to follow when you want to update the look of your old bathroom that has a black and white theme. Doing so will give you what you want without using much cash.

In this case, it is right for you to use bright or choices since both of them will result in a similar visual. Besides, you must also remember that the color addition must not dominate the room because black and white are still the primary tones in there.

Image 1 Black and White Bathroom with Color Pop


In the photo above, you can see a nice bathroom with the domination of white color. We can see the black color as a colorful decoration especially in the floor and the wall with the same shape design of the pattern.

The pattern of black color is uncertain or seems like an abstract pattern of small squares spread inside the white color. The effect of the black and white color combination makes the bathroom looks elegant.

Image 2 Black and White Bathroom with Color Pop


Similar with the first image, the second photo shows the combination of black and white color on the floor and the wall pattern.

We can see the difference from that two images below, at the first one the pattern is quite abstract while at the second one is orderly. Which one is close to your choice?

Black and White Bathroom with Gold Details

While you know that black and white bathroom looks classic, do you want to add some luxurious touch to perfect the look?

If you do think so, you don’t need to hang a pricey painting on the wall. You also don’t have to place expensive decorations there. All these actions will only cost you a fortune.

Instead of doing so, you can place some gold-colored decorations in the black and white room to gain the luxury touch. Besides, you can replace the old fixtures, including the faucets and shower, with the ones that have gold color.

This idea is simple to do, and it is also very cheap. The best thing of all, it will give you the luxurious impression that you want.

Image 3 Black and White Bathroom with Gold Details


At that photo, we can see black color on the floor and white color in the wall. That is a good choice if you are a busy person and there is no time to clean the bathroom.

We will not see the spot of dirt if we use black color for the floor. To avoid the dark effect, then we use white color for the wall. For the last touch, of course, we will use some gold color as the decoration as you can see at that image.

Let see the other example below.

Image 4 Black and White Bathroom with Gold Details


In that photo, we can see the gold color decoration mainly in the shower and water faucet. We do not need to use too much gold color to create a significant effect; it gives a luxurious impression of your simple bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom with Lighted Mirror

Another simple decor idea for your black and white bathroom is to replace your old mirror with a lighted mirror. This item doesn’t only look awesome but also serve the lighting function for those who want to check themselves for the best appearance.

There are a lot of lighted bathroom mirror types available right now. You can get a different visual in the bathroom area by choosing a specific type of mirror.

Image 5 Black and White Bathroom with Lighted Mirror


If you want a mirror that is perfect for doing makeup, the one that comes with bulbs is excellent to pick. If you want something that looks awesome, choosing a back-lighted mirror is a good idea.

Besides the primary function for doing makeup, the color design of that bathroom is incredible and artistic so that you can feel comfortable to stay longer in your bathroom.

Image 6 Black and White Bathroom with Lighted Mirror


An oval mirror on that bathroom is perfect as it is compatible with the bathroom sink design. You can add the light behind that mirror for two main functions. First, it is a beautiful finishing decoration and the second is it gives you a good mood when you see yourself in front of the mirror.

Black Clawfoot Tub

Another item you should consider to place in your black and white bathroom while at the same time also give a decorative point in there is a black clawfoot tub. This item is perfect because it is compatible with the classic look of the two colors combination.

The reason why black is the recommended color here instead of white is that it looks bold. This way it can steal more attention, especially when placed in a white-dominated room.

Image 7 Black Clawfoot Tub


The black and white color at the clawfoot tub gives excellent looks for the whole bathroom. It is also a good idea to have another color such as wood color or even too add wooden furniture in the bathroom.

Image 8 Black Clawfoot Tub


I’m sure that you will have sensual imagination when seeing that bathroom design in the image above. Why? Because the design is sexy. The choice of using black and white clawfoot tub is compatible with the white and black color of the floor.

Bold Black Bathroom Vanity

Other than the black tub, a black vanity is also an excellent choice to lace in the type of bathroom we talk about here. This furniture piece is also an attention-stealer for the interior design.

Image 9 Bold Black Bathroom Vanity


The black vanity mirror set in that bathroom gives a perfect impression for modern bathroom design. Overall, the bathroom in that image has two taste; modern and traditional.

Take a look at the other example below.

Image 10 Bold Black Bathroom Vanity


Different from the previous image, this photo shows a modern design of bathroom with bold black vanity mirror set. This design is beautiful if you have ample space for your bathroom.

White Bathroom with Black Accents

This next idea is suitable to follow if you currently have an all-white bathroom. The idea is to add black accents in the interior for an update.

If you are interested in this idea, there are at least two options available to choose. The first option is to add or paint small details in black color to break the all-white look. The item examples are countertops, faucets, visible pipes, and shower.

The second option is to add black accents on a bigger scale than the previous one. Here, the idea to paint trims, door, and mirror frame in black is also applicable.

Image 11 White Bathroom with Black Accents


In this option, you will work harder to clean your bathroom, but it is worth with the beauty of that design. That design also shows that the itis special for perfectionist person who has a good taste of bathroom decoration.

Image 12 White Bathroom with Black Accents


This image shows a bathroom with beautiful black and white decorative floor. Besides, we can find the black color as a color decoration in all of the frame and the door.

The design of that bathroom makes it different as if we do not see another room such as a kitchen. So, there is no wet and disgusting impression when we look at it.

White Bathroom with Black and White Tile Floor

The last idea is to use the black and white floor for a bathroom that is dominant with white color. The reason why you should follow this idea is not only about making the level compatible with the color theme.

Image 13 White Bathroom with Black and White Tile Floor


Take a look also the next idea about black and white bathroom at the photo below.

Image 14 White Bathroom with Black and White Tile Floor


The primary reason is that of this idea; you can add black color to the bathroom without making it looks dark or even gloomy. Because the black color only exists on the floor, the room will still look clean and bright.

Those are the seven black and white bathroom decor ideas that are quite simple to do but can even result in a compelling visual in the room interior.
As long as you can follow the idea correctly, including also by combining two or more views at once, you can get the decorative look you want in the timeless black and white bathroom area.

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