9 Most Practical Beach Themed Bathroom Tips to Apply at Home

Beach themed bathroom is an excellent choice you can pick to create a serenity right at home. This way, you do not have to go anywhere else to get the relaxation you need at the end of an exhausting day.

The good news you need to know is that building a beach theme for your bathroom should not always be hard to do. There are quite a lot of natural and entirely practical ways to build the style.

Choose Light Blue Color for Creating Breeze Feeling

The first easy tip we suggest you do is to choose a light blue color as the leading tone in the bathroom. This color can create a breeze feeling in the interior, and it will remind you of the sea.

Many people also combine this choice with the addition of white color in the same room. The advantage of combining both of the tones is that the place will even get an airy feel.

image 1 light blue and white bathroom with beach theme
via customkitchens-ca.com

If you think that using the light blue color only is not enough, you can count on to some coastal decorations to make the beach theme stronger. As examples, you can see the white starfish and coral decorations in the picture above.

Pick Navy Blue for Deeper Nautical Look

Another color that is suitable to pick for your beach style bathroom is navy blue. This one is a more suitable choice to choose when you prefer a darker interior instead of the lighter and brighter one.

Again, in this tip, using white as the secondary color is still applicable. With it, you do not have to be afraid that the room will look too dark.

image 2 bathroom with navy blue wall and vanity
via lisettevoute.com

If you want to create a more visible beach style, there are two details that the designer adds here. The first is the small white coral decoration on top of the facial cotton container and the second is the rope baskets under the vanity.

Put Some Rope Detailing for Harbor-Like Feel

Another way to create a beach theme in your bathroom is by adding some rope detailing. We have mentioned a bit about this idea in the previous example, in which rope basket exists as a functional and decoration item in the room.

The reason why rope is a recommended detail here is that it has the harbor-like feel.

image 3 beach -styled bathroom with round mirror with rope frame
via lisamichaelinteriors.com

There are many other bathroom items with rope detailing available at stores right now. You can find the example in the picture above.

Place Some Starfish Decorations in Your Bathroom

This following tip is straightforward to do, and it will directly bring a beach theme in your bathroom. It is for you to place some starfish decoration in the interior. This decorative item is quite favorite when it comes to beach style or nautical design.

Another excellence you can find in this decoration is that you can literary place it anywhere you like. You can put it on vanity, on the wall, inside a glass frame, or even by the window.

image 4 bathroom with white starfish decorations
via ownersrepconstruction.com

Although starfish decoration comes in various colors, there are two that are most popular for beach style bathroom. Those are white and beige/sandy.

In the picture above, white is the color of the starfish wall decorations. It matches the tone of the bathroom vanity, wall mirror, and even wainscoting.

Select Pebble Floor for Beach-Like Design

Another easy yet effective tip you can do to build a bathroom with a beach theme at home is by selecting the pebble floor instead of the others. This idea is not only suitable to pick when you build a new bathroom, but it is also excellent to do when you want to do remodeling.

image 5 bathroom with pebble floor and wave mosaic wall
via marrokal.com

Although pebble looks best on the floor, it does not mean that you cannot use the same material in other bathroom parts. If you want to, you can use pebble for bathtub surround or even bring it up to the wall as shown in the picture above.

This example is even more interesting because the designer also adds a wave design from mosaic tile material on the wall. It makes the bathroom theme stronger in there.

Place an Indoor Palm Tree for Tropical Feel

You can also bring a beach theme in your bathroom area by placing an indoor palm tree in there. This plant type can bring a tropical feel in the interior and help you out in building the atmosphere you want.

image 6 a beach-style bathroom with medium size potted palm tree
via dyergrimesarchitects.com

Indoor palm tree itself is usually available in at least three different sizes. Those are small, medium, and large. You can pick the size based on the space open in your bathroom.

Other than that, it usually also comes with pot for more accessible care. An example of it is available in the picture above, in which a medium size potted palm tree can bring a tropical atmosphere in the white bathroom.

Place a Set of Ocean-Themed Bathroom Accessories

If you do not want to change anything in your bathroom, but you want to turn the theme into beach style, this next tip is the best for you. It is to replace the bathroom accessory set with the one that has an ocean theme.

image 7 seaglass bath accessory set by Avanti
via avantilinens.com

One thing that you need to be thankful here is that right now this product is available in many stores. It means it will be easy for you to get it.

Use Round Bathroom Mirror for Ship-Like Visual

We all know that a wall mirror is an essential item for any bathroom. Therefore, the next easy tip for you to do is to choose a round mirror for the room.

We recommend you to choose this shape because it reminds you of the classic round ship window. In other words, the round mirror can also bring a beach atmosphere in your bathroom.

image 8 nautical bathroom with round mirror and rope detailing
via artistsandhya.com

The design of the round mirror for building a beach or nautical theme in the bathroom interior is quite various. There is a simple one that comes with rope detailing as you can see in the picture above. There is even one that has a realistic ship window design that makes the theme more visible.

Choose Glass Roof for Outdoor Feel

The last but not least tips we suggest you to do to create a beach theme in the bathroom area is to install a glass roof. It is a detail that will bring a sunny outdoor feeling right inside your interior.

image 9 beach bathroom with glass roof
via elledecor.com

You do not have to install the glass material to cover all bathroom roofs since this can result in discomfort in using the room later. There is one best position to fix this detail.

It is none other but above the shower just like shown in the picture above. The reason why we suggest you pick this position is that whenever you use the rain, you will feel the outdoor-like sensation, just like when you are showering in real beach area after playing in the water.

So, those are the simple yet useful tips we suggest you try if you are interested in building your own beach themed bathroom at home. Which one of the ideas that we shared above arrest your attention the most?

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