Top 5 Interesting Basement Ideas

Basement can be hell and scary room rather than a functional room if we consider it as only a kind of storage place which we rarely in touch with it. But, on the other hand, we can do something to make our basement to be an underground paradise.

Deciding the Purpose of Building Basement

basement ideas

Of course, building a home basement is not as expensive as if we build a second or third floor. But unfortunately, we cannot make it in all field because we have to deal with the geographical condition such as the weather and the soil.

If we are lucky living in the space which we can build a basement on it, we have to do that. There are many purposes of making home basement as it is generally used for additional room to optimize the space and materials.

Today, we can see that the function of the basement is not identified as the parking area or storage place only, but we can use the basement as a nice place to stay.

One of the most important things to create your basement to be a nice place to stay is that you need to have good air circulation inside as well as your ground floor.

If the air circulation is not the problem anymore, you can start to realize your idea to modify your basement into a beautiful place to stay.

Basement for Entertaining Space

If you want to use your basement for entertaining space, firstly make sure that the source of light is enough.

Commonly, the basement is lack of natural light. So that, you need to add some electrical lighting with a color that you can adjust to the design.

So, what are the possibilities to make build your basement as entertaining space? Take a look at the picture below.

basement for entertaining space

In the photo above, we can see a good idea to change the basement into a billiard room, and that is a nice place to play billiard. You can have it event you only have a small basement.

We can use that room also as a small bar which can be a pleasant place to get on together with your family or your friend.

In that picture, something that we have to add is additional electrical lighting above the billiard table so that you can play billiard at the night time.

basement for entertaining space 2

The next photo shows you that you can remodel your basement as mini home theatre. To make this, you do not need to add very bright electrical lighting, but you need only bright enough electrical lighting to enjoy the movie or videos.

For the same idea, that is remodeling the basement into a home theatre; you can see another example idea below.

basement for entertaining space 3

In this picture, we can see more large basement rather than in the previous photo. With this large basement space, we can make not only mini home theatre but also some furniture such as simple dining table for a warm small gathering with friends or family.

basement for entertaining space 4


In the photo above we can see a basement that you can remodel as family rooms which function as a playroom for children and a comfortable place for the parent to accompany their children playing.

If we see the detail of the picture, the size of the basement is large enough and long which the end room has fun as a bedroom for children.

As long as we have good air circulation and lighting system, that basement is safe for children. We can also use a bright color for the wall actually and colorful furniture so that place is entirely the paradise in the home for children.

basement with pool


If you want to have a swimming pool at home but you don’t have enough space, you can use your basement for one option. It is possible. That picture above shows that we can use the basement for luxury swimming poll.

The benefit of having a swimming pool in the basement is that we can keep the water clean longer than an outdoor swimming pool and it means that the maintenance for that swimming pool is more accessible.

Of course, having indoor swimming poll is the right decision if you are uncomfortable swimming in outdoor area.

Basement for Storage and Exercise Place

If you have a lot of stuff, but you also need a space for exercise while you only have limited place, you can optimize your basement for both of storage and exercise space.

Here are some ideas if you want to remodel your basement for storage and exercise place purpose.

basement for storage


Take a look at the picture above. The basement is well designed to be a storage place and also still have enough space to do some indoor exercise such as a gym, football table, billiard, table tennis, etc.

So, you do not lose the origin function of the basement, which is typical for storage place and also still using it for another purpose.

Okay, now we will see the other example through the picture below.

basement for exercise place


If you like weightlifting at home, the most appropriate place is in the basement. You can use your basement both for storage space and doing some sport like weightlifting with no worry of breaking your floor.

Even if you break your basement floor, that is not a big problem because your basement is not for your guest.

The thing that you have to consider to build that kind of basement is that you do not need to decorate your basement as beautiful as the other room. You do not need any specific decoration.

Make sure that you arrange your basement to keep your stuff orderly, so you still have enough space to do some indoor sport such as weightlifting.

Basement for Bed Room

Is it a good idea to remodel your basement as your private bedroom? Yes, of course. You can change your terrible basement into a beautiful bedroom or even a simple and lovely bedroom.

Here are some example ideas that you need.

bedroom in the basement


In that picture, we can see an elegant bedroom which we can set in the basement. What you need to remodel is that choosing the right color and decoration of the room such as wall decoration to be fit with all of the furniture inside it.

Basement for Library

It is very common to use the basement as a library. But if you only have a small basement, what can you do then?

You can still remodel your basement as your library whether your basement is broad or narrow. About its comfort, it depends on your creativity to set up your library.

Here are some example ideas that you need to remodel your basement into a beautiful library.

basement for library


From the picture above you can see a nice and small library which we can set in the basement. Since the basement is lack of natural light, so you have to install enough electrical lighting.

Good air circulation is needed as that library is also used to read the books. If you have a lot of books and to keep the books from the basement humidity, you need to install an air conditioner. But if you have only a few books, you need good air circulation.

For the next option of the library basement choice, take a look of the example below.

basement for library 2


In that picture, we can see a charming and peaceful library which we can set in a small basement. The bookcase is placed at the right and left the side of the basement and the single table to read the book is near the window so you can have enough light at the day and also good air circulation.

The model of that library is also good for you to do your work as you can set your computer at the table. So the benefit of that remodeled basement is you can use it both for a library or working space at home.

Talking about using the basement for doing your work, the explanation below is about remodeling basement for workshop room.

Basement for Workshop Room

In life, we need to express our creativity and to do that we need a special room such as workshop space. Anyway, you can remodel your basement for your workshop room, and that’s a good idea because you can do your work without disturbing your family.

Here is an example idea to remodel basement for workshop space that perhaps inspires you.

basement for workshop room


If you need a room for workshop, probably basement can be a choice. That picture shows a workshop room that we can set in the basement. Admittedly, it seems that the studio at the image is identical with a man, but of course, you can make your design.

The thing that you must remember when deciding to make a workshop room at the basement is that you have a little bit larger door to move your stuff or your work from inside to outside or from outside to inside.

You also need to install air conditioner if the weather at your home is hot so when you do your work, you can feel comfortable.

That’s all about 5 top basement ideas that we can share in this article. Thanks for reading and I hope you get inspiration to remodel your basement.

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